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havanese Group 


NOTE: The following information is just a brief overview of our activities. For detailed directions, further information, and regular updates about our Events, Playdates, and Outings, please join our Meetup Group at www.meetup.com/SFHavanese. It's FREE!

“The Havanese is a small sturdy dog of immense charm…never so elaborately coifed as to preclude an impromptu romp in the leaves.” --Excerpted from AKC Havanese Breed Standard

Our group celebrates the Havanese's known proclivity to romp about in the nearest convenient pile of leaves by specializing in events that provide our participants with unencumbered access to a lawn and, yes, leaves!

Monthly Hav-a-Romps (San Francisco & Silicon Valley) 

Varies; Usually the 2nd Sunday of Every Month in SF and the 3rd Sunday in SHav-a-Rompan Jose at 11:30am (Weather Permitting)
Where: We meet in parks within San Francisco and the Silicon Valley; Location varies: Visit Meetup.com/SFHavanese for this month’s location
What: Our monthly Hav-a-Romps provide our Havs with an opportunity to do what they love most—romp in the leaves and on the lawn. Lots of sniffing and rolling and romping and smiles are to be had by all at these playdates.
Hav-a-Romp How-To's:

• No retractable leashes please. (Ouch! They hurt!) Since we meet in approved "leash free" parks, you can even choose to forego a leash.
• Remember water! All that play makes a Hav thirsty!
• Arrive a little early to allow time to find parking. 
ALL Havs are welcome, but please avoid bringing females in season. 

Monthly Hav-a-Walks (Marin or East Bay) 

Varies; usually the 4th Sunday of Every Month at 11:30am (Weather PermittinHav-a-Walkg)
Where: We meet in parks throughout the Bay Area; Location varies: Visit Meetup.com/SFHavanese for this month’s location
What: Our monthly Hav-a-Walks provide us and our Havs with an opportunity to share in the exploration of some of the most beautiful and easily walkable parks in the Bay Area.
Hav-a-Walk How-To's:
• Leash requirements vary by park (visit Meetup.com/SFHavanese for this month's details), but please always avoid using a retractable leash on a Hav-a-Walk. (Ouch! They hurt!) In fact, whenever possible, we choose parks that give you and your Hav the option of foregoing a leash entirely.
• Remember water! All that walking makes a Hav thirsty!
• Please arrive on time, so we can walk as a group.
ALL Havs are welcome, but please avoid bringing females in season.

Special Events, Activities, and Outings

These fun, dynamic events are scheduled throughout the year and provide our group members with an opportunity to show our creative side. Please join our Meetup Group to be kept up to date about these special activities and outings.